Palabras sobre su obra artística, por Juan Alberto Suárez Blanco, Artista Plástico Pinareño, 1995

By: Juan Alberto Suárez Blanco, Artist from Pinar, 1995. (Versión Español)

Under a surrealist conception, next to Magritte, certain airs of the conceptualism of the ‘70 and something of pop, Abel with particular originality and subtlety connects and unravels events about the man and their existence.

An enigmatic dialogue is manifested among the objects that express to the being and certain ecosystems or ecological budgets.

He doesn’t want to attack, neither to provoke; his interest is to catch us with the magic of the effect, of the sensations and optic perceptions. The pieces are subjected to a process of construction-unconstruction; condensation and unfolding to take us queerly to a programmed scenario, on-line, controlled and calculated, where the man’s essences are threatened and their existence is in dangerous game.

Do we take measures for the future?

Abel alerts us!

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