Palabras sobre su obra artística, por Ángeles Álvarez / Pedro Pablo Porbén Alvarez, Revista Vitral, 1997


Ángeles Álvarez / Pedro Pablo Porbén Álvarez – Vitral Magazine, January 1997.

The work of Abel is peculiarly audacious and honest, in opposition with the genius of a great surrealist; Salvador Dalí, but in both is defined a high technical domain with supports in multiple or paranoiac images abutting with the irrational thing and the oneiric. In this way appear in the canvas of Abel ties like tying symbols, the man’s inventions to shine their terrestrial vanity, sustaining asphyxias; men despaired by customs and states of spirit, surrounded of decadent precepts or absurd taboos, manifesting their necessity of union, to unite people, senses, plastic intentions, influences. Organic union, vital structuring: to unite to survive.

Abel also inhabits the stories of his pieces, with rich tones and frank images in a very intimate plastic vocabulary and contrary to the “old” surrealists, because it won’t be in him a way of alienation, but search of the necessary liberation of men through its creative work.

Abel figures out first the embryonic, symbiotic relation; canvas-creator, deep inside ambient discovering to us the »organism still without finishing», almost concluded, bringing up himself toward an “identidy reality” which concerns our “experience”. For that, Abel redefines the man behind empty but plethoric silhouettes of “human” symbolisms.

Committed with their city and participant of her utopia, Abel shows in her work to what extent is important the spontaneity and the creation freedom in the neo-post-surrealism which he represents through oneiric-biomorphic allusions.

Each rope braided in the work of Abel Morejón is an intent, perhaps to the Penelope of to weave and to unweave the ways of making of our time. We have stopped to breathe for osmosis caused by the own fact of exercising the thought; behind it is the air one to digress riding about olympic ignorance of the artistic facts, of those thick, deep facts, essence of quick cultural changes partner. This is the existential manifesto with which Abel drags us to a new-post-modernism coining the stamp of his Cuban and neo-post-surrealist magic.

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