Palabras expo personal “Desde mi ventana verde” por José Nelson Castillo González, Alemania, 2005

Words for personal exhibition «FROM MY GREEN WINDOW», Alemania 2005 (Versión Español)

By: José Nelson Castillo González

From remote times the man tries to be explained through the art, the phenomenons that burden him.

Abel Morejón Galá has the magic of communicating with surrealist elements the transparency of daily objects. The relationship man-nature gravitates on the artist’s work that a stage of maturity begins, achieving a language that catches the great public.

It is interesting as the artist, with the creative energy that accompanies him, moves for different technical; acrylic on canvas, oil on canvas, the engraving, the design, the photography and the drawing.

The use of complementary colors that transmit a sensation of interior peace. The memories of the childhood, the national attributes, it supposes the permanent intention of renovating codes. It is recurrent the presence of the green color, as a sign of hope that remember to the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. The sky is an element that leads to the artist to a celestial reflection of life. The intense necessity to travel for other continents, with the shades that demand the circumstances. The permanency of the wood texture like symbol of constant and necessary transformation, where the man takes refuge.

Each piece is a song of love and hope, the audacity of dreaming of a better world, in times of war. The present show joins eight years of work, where the easel work reaches a superior dimension in the young creator’s career.

Germany, his second homeland receives him again as an unforgettable son that returns with a message of love and fraternity, where he has participated in numerous mural paintings, showing the intense necessity to interchange with its fellow men.

A deep pedagogic vocation characterizes him, he imparts classes in the Academy of plastic arts of of its native city, Pinar del Río, where always accompanied by its photographic camera he discovers new elements that sustain its motivation.

His paintings have been promoted marketed with Havana Gallery in Chicago, United States for one year, where the specialized press has carried out graphic reviews of some works.

«Love with love is paid», the illustrious thinker José Martí said, and Abel in reciprocity opens the doors of its heart for all those that admire him.

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