Palabras del catálogo de la expo “Naturaleza Adentro” por José Nelson Castillo González, 2004

NATURE INSIDE (Versión Español)

By: José Nelson Castillo González, 2004.

The surrealism movement has transcended in the Art History, and in the middle of XXI century it reaches an important perpetuity. The man’s necessity to establish communication with the inanimate object and all that moves the environment has been reason of many painters’ inspiration. For that open space the pictorial work of Abel Morejón Galá moves, who after one decade without show his art in its country, he returns with its new proposal NATURE INSIDE. A song of love to the earth, a call to the reflection.

In the show the absurdity suggests new codes. An antagonism between dream and reality. The look of the artist to the unsightly landscape of the things that rebel themselves, the search of a balance from a window open to the world, where the painter overflows his expression necessity, with an optimistic vision of the future. Bundle to their form of living, their work is coherent with a talkative language, where the irony prevails in the titles of each piece.

Abel is graduated from the National School of Plastic Arts in the engraving specialty. Their preference also for the painting, the drawing and photography marks in his work a stage of maturity and occupation, with an audacious and valiant way of expression.

The graphic design also catches him, impelling him to capture important moments of the plastic in his town. He has made numerous mural paintings, in Cuba and Germany, where his work is very well-known. At the moment his paintings are promoted and market, through the gallery Havana Gallery, in Chicago United States.

We go, NATURE INSIDE as a trip to the artist’s seed. Grateful of the meeting with his work that sustains the most ingrained values in our nationality.

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