Crónica sobre Pintura Mural en el Hospital Psiquiátrico, 2004 (José Nelson Castillo González

Cronic about the Mural painting project at Psiquiatric Hospital, Pinar del Río, 2004 (Versión Español)

By: José Nelson Castillo González

Who could write sweet words to people that live in another world, a SOS before a » cold and deaf » panoramic.

The mural painting, sometimes saves from silence some of these human beings lost in the litany of traumatic memories.

It is difficult for the artists, to choose colors, objects that define a message of love and hope. Old walls lost in the time, are the Scenario for the artists Abel Morejón Galá and Reinaldo Uriarte Mosquera unite their talent to the will from the Non Government Association of Humanitarian Help to Cuba (HCH) from Germany which were the sponsor of the project.

A window opens up among the monotony of some people, and the gift of the communication of Abel and Reinaldo, makers of an Aesthetics, necessary in Postmodern times. A very important task to save the art of an elitist vision.

The sky continues blue in the wall, the apple open the appetite of the patients, merchants of the noxious cigarette that consumes them slowly. They greet, they laugh, they cry, they ask unceasingly. It is the force of the image that impels them to an unavoidable dialogue.

Care what surrenders with love, «to the things that are ugly puts them some love», according to Teresita Fernández.

Other people has the task to convert in a beautiful one, the place where live who one day lost the reason. If the «not crazy people» forget, the world finishes.

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