Artículo del diario «Neue Westfalische», Paderborn, Alemania, 2000 Versión Inglés.

Article of the daily «Neue Westfalische», Paderborn, Germany, Sept. 2000 (Versión Español)

… his painting makes us remember the surrealist constructions of Dalí. Abel Morejón Galá doesn’t undo the time neither he deforms the bodies, however he breaks the limits of the work of art. Their paintings are not locked in a classic frame. The frame is a fixed coloured component of the composition.

Confusing several layers, it penetrates through the space. Behind, many times there is a sky covered with clouds or a horizon. Once, a view of a Cuban flag, open as a door, remits us explicitly on the artist’s origin. Equally the palm tree appears like national symbol.

The paintings are vital because of the contrasts. To the paintings the curves of the wood veins are opposed. The colours convince us for effective even as orange/blue or blue/green. You can see immediately the passion of Morejón Galá for the design, and the dresses are part of the nature. In the same way there are some confusions; the points of one tie changes until being clouds at the end, or the green of the nature cover in the form of a neck.

With precise agility he shows us the civilizer laceration between the man and the nature. In short, the works are a subtile and metaphoric analysis of the humanity’s ties.

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